Kotobukiya Spring Preview panel at WonderCon 2014

At Wonder Con 2014, Kotobukiya held a special panel showcasing their upcoming figure line for 2014. Room 210A was packed with fans excited to hear more about upcoming releases being moderated by Dan Lujan. 

Dan started by announcing that there would be two Kotobukiya exclusives this year for San Diego Comic-Con and one for New York Comic Con. He wouldn’t give any other secrets away.


Dan started the preview panel by showing off slides for the upcoming Sword Art Online Leafa and Asuna statue (which will release later this year). Next was a Rage of Bahamut Dark Angel Olivia. Both Leafa and Olivia were displayed at the Kotobukiya booth which both were really well detailed, including the Dark Angel Olivia with her detailed multi-color wings and base.


Next up was the Star Wars product line. Dan began talking about the recently released Star Wars lightsaber chopsticks followed by the Mara Jade Bishojou, which will release in May. For the ArtFX+ line, Kotobukiya released a two-pack Sandtrooper pack. Later this year the Stormtroopers will be receiving the same treatment. Han Solo and Chewbacca, along with Luke and Princess Leia, will also have a two-pack for fans to own.


Kotobukiya also renewed its Halo 4 license as a new Master Chief statue is in production.


Earlier this month Kotobukiya released the Chun-Li Bishojou statue, which has been selling extremely well. In September Cammy will be the next Bishojou released, followed by Juri and Tekken’s Nina Willams.

jvfWhen the Freddy vs. Jason Bishojou line was announced, it was quite an odd moment for me, since the two guys gave me nightmares when I was a kid, and they are getting redesigned to look sexy, while keeping all their key features.


Up next is the Marvel line. While the Deadpool announcement was around the end of the Marvel section, I just had to start with it since the Merc with the Mouth will make his way to your collections. Rubber chicken anyone?

The Hulk was the first release in the Marvel Now Avengers ArtFX+ line, and the rest of the Avengers will be releasing every few months including Black Widow and Captain America.


For the Marvel Collectors with cash, the Fine Art Statue line will add Psylocke in May and a massive Juggernaut in August. Dan announced that fans have been heavily requesting the classic brown and yellow Wolverine, and Kotobukiya has listened and delivered.


DC’s ArtFX+ line is getting a few nice additions including Batman, Nightwing and Batgirl along with a Wonder Woman. Not to be left out is Green Arrow, who has been a big request by fans. He will be releasing in Fall 2014

And the Wonder Con 2014 big announcement was:


Damian Wayne will be joining the ArtFx+ line. It was a cool announcement since the Warner Bros. and DC’s Son of Batman premiered at WonderCon. The official home video release hits next month.


And to finish off the panel, Dan talked about the upcoming DC Bishojou line which featured Wonder Woman (she is set to release next month). He suggests that it is a figure you may want to pick up early, as pre-orders are going quickly. He showed a slide of the upcoming Starfire Bishojou and then talked about the long-delayed Black Canary statue. He said it was still in development, but there were some issues. As the panel came to and end, there was one more reveal for WonderCon…


The New 52 Batwoman will be releasing in the future as a Bishojou Statue.

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