Check out ‘Shatner’s World’ at a theater near you!

Shatner's World William Banner

William Shatner’s one-man show Shatner’s World is coming to a theater near you! Now you could experience the one man show that has gotten raved reviews! The critically acclaimed show is now on sale to be shown on Thursday, April 24th as part of Fathom Events.

William Shatner is an American TV icon (he’s Canadian, but on American television) from shows like Star Trek, TJ Hooker, Boston Legal to iconic advertisements like Priceline. Shatner has embraced TV and films for years. Now he tells his story to YOU.

Shatner’s World’s Synopsis:

Shatner’s World, the critically acclaimed one-man show, takes audiences on an exhilarating behind-the-scenes voyage through his storied life and career. With an energetic mix of personal anecdotes, laugh-out-loud humor and poignant moments, William Shatner shares his phenomenal journey from classically-trained Shakespearean actor to internationally-known cultural icon, all the while illuminating the unique persona of his most important character, himself.

You can purchase tickets here.

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