New TMNT spot reveals first look at Splinter

BOXING/I just can’t anymore with this film. I am just done with the “Bay Turtles.” First no Oroku Saki, then weird turtle designs, Megan Fox and now this! Game over, man! If you happen to miss it then consider yourself lucky. Your childhood memories will remain intact for just one more day. During the MTV Movie Awards, new footage for the new TMNT film premiered during the show, giving fans a first look at the new design for Master Splinter.

It’s kind of hard to really see, but from what we can make out it looks like they’ve given him a Fu Manchu mustache. I don’t really know why because Ninjas are Japanese and the Fu Manchu character was a villain based off of Chinese stereotypes. Then again, Jackie Chan did teach Kung Fu to Jaden Smith in “THE KARATE KID.”

639I can’t honestly say that I am looking foreword to this film. If I gain anything from the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it will probably be a new found love for the work that Jim Henson’s Creature Shop did on the original films.

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