The top 10 most badass martial arts scenes ever to be put on film


In celebration of The Raid 2 releasing nationwide in theaters today, we have compiled a list and counting down the top ten most badass martial arts scenes ever to be put on film. Keep in mind that this does not include scenes with the use of weapons; this is strictly hand-to-hand combat only. The only exception is if someone is using a weapon against a person that’s unarmed. So without further ado, here is our list of the most badass martial arts scenes ever to be put on film.

Honorable mention:

House of Fury: Yue siblings vs. Rocco’s henchmen

#10 Bloodsport: Frank Dux vs. Chong Li
Frank Dux versus big bad Chong Li comes in at number ten on our list. Although not the most technical or the most hard hitting scenes on our list, it’s certainly badass watching this David vs. Goliath type matchup. Also, nothing say badass than beating Goliath while blind. That one was for you Jackson!

#9 Ong Bak: Ting vs. Saming
When Ong Bak was released to the world a few years ago, everyone was amazed at the fight scenes done by Tony Jaa. He was responsible for the resurgence of brutal, jaw-dropping martial arts films. This particular fight scene between Saming and his character Ting showcases the brutality of the film perfectly.

#8 Iron Monkey: Wong Kei-ying vs. Hin Hung
Yuen Woo-ping’s protégé Donnie Yen comes in our number eight spot with his fight against Hin Hung. The choreography for this scene is top notch as it’s both fluid and fast. It’s also fun to see what Wong Kei-ying’s “Shadowless Kick” does against Hin Hung’s poisonous “Buddha Palms” technique.

#7 Fist of Legend: Chen Zhen vs. Fuimo Funakoshi
This scene from Fist of Legend has it all. It starts off with some fast striking from both fighters, which then turns into both fighters fighting each other blind folded. This fight has everything in one scene.

#6 Drunken Master II: Wong Fei-hung vs. Ken Lo
What do you get when you mix industrial alcohol and drunken Chinese boxing? You get Jackie Chan’s best fight scene ever. Wong Fei-hung’s final fight versus Ken Lo features some of the wildest and most acrobatic fight scene ever. The amount of acrobatic moves within this scene is astonishing. It’s Jackie Chan at his absolute best.

#5: Enter The Dragon: Lee vs. Han
Bruce Lee’s final film also features Hollywood’s most famous martial arts scenes. The final battle between Lee and Han in the room of mirrors is as awe-inspiring as it is beautiful to watch. Granted, it doesn’t have much fighting involved, but you can’t help but watch this scene and be amazed by what you’re watching. That’s why it’s listed at number three on our list.

#4: Ip Man 2: Master Yip Man vs. Master Hung Chun-Nam
Donnie Yen returns to our countdown by way of Ip Man 2. This scene is probably the most fun as Master Yip Man’s fight against Master Hung Chun-nam takes place atop a table. Half of the fun comes from the fact that the table itself is not attached to the legs, so watching both fighters trying to maintain balance while fighting one another is really cool. The other half comes from the fierce fighting that occurs on a very limited space. Combining both elements together and you get one of the most imaginative fights I’ve seen since the number two on our list.

#3 The Way of the Dragon: Tang Lung vs. Colt
Bruce Lee’s other famous martial arts fight scene features himself vs. Chuck Norris. If ever there were a time where you can say someone beat Chuck Norris, you can say it here. This Roman gladiatorial bout between Lee and Norris is as cool as it gets. When most martial arts films during the 70s are slow and choreographed, Lee and Norris’ fight is fierce, fluid and fast. This classic is one of the best fight scenes ever to be put out during that time.

#2: Once Upon A Time In China I: Wong Fei-hung vs. Iron Shirt Yim
One of the most acclaimed Hong Kong kung fu films is also one of Jet Li and Yuen Woo-ping’s best. The final fight between Wong Fei-hung and Iron Shirt Yim contains some of the best fight choreography I’ve ever seen. The fluidity of the fight scene is top-notch and the fight choreography using the ladders is very imaginative and fun. So much so, that The Musketeer essentially copied the ladder scene at the end of the film.

#1: The Raid: Redemption: Rama vs. Machete Gang
It’s hard to choose a scene from The Raid: Redemption that should be on the list. Essentially, you can put the entire film on this list and no one would argue with you. But there was one scene though that stood out more than any other scene. This particular scene involves a broken door and a poor gang member’s neck that just happened to meet the broken door. It’s not just the door decapitation that puts this scene atop our list; this entire scene contains great fight choreography and brutal action. You really can’t go wrong with this scene.

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