Robot Chicken DC Special! Interview with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios & Kevin Shinick


We recently got a chance to chat with Robot Chicken creators Stoopid Buddy Stoodios (John Havartine and Eric Towner). They were able to give us a bit of insight into the upcoming anticipated 7th season, as well as the DC Special. Let’s just say, we’re in for more than just a treat. Check out the interview below.

Nerd Reactor: What can we expect to see in Season 7?

Kevin: How about Dino Riders? Anybody heard of that?

John: Scrapping for that one.

Eric: Get excited for that one. We got to the bottom of the barrel and went right through it.

Kevin: We have a Les Mis parody coming up with Zachery Levi doing voices for and he sang in it. So that’ll be fun.

Eric: Kevin also sang in it.

Kevin: I also sang in it as well. Did a duet with Zach Levi.

John: Duet or Do it?

Kevin: Excellent.

NR: So Game of Thrones and ’90s seem to be the theme?

John: I’ve heard them say that, but what are the ’90s things that get in there?

Kevin: I think the reason they said that is because what we do at Robot Chicken is we have a lot of our core writers, us, but then like two new writers…

Eric: But they are getting old and like kind of crusty.

Kevin: Yeah they’re hacks. Hacks! So we need a rotation of new people. So I think that we’ve been getting a lot of new writers, some younger. And so I think the reference for them are gonna be where we started with the ’70s and ’80s; their point of reference is more like the ’90s. So by that, you’re gonna get more stuff like that, but I can’t remember.

John: Backstreet Boys, that’s ’90s right?

Kevin: Like you don’t know.

NR: So you guys work on it. But Kevin, you also do voices. For those who haven’t, have you ever wanted a voice?

John: Absolutely. Every day. But Doug, Tom, Kevin, and the writers, they suck up all the voices. What does it take?!

NR: If you could choose a character to voice, who would it be?

John: I’d like to be Kevin’s voice. There’s a Kevin doll floating around.

Kevin: There is a Kevin doll from Carmen San Diego.

Eric: I’d like to do Matthew Senreich’s voice.

Kevin: We all would.

Eric: That one always stands out like a sour thumb. Everything comes to a screeching halt.

NR: Is there a character you are hoping to animate or to bring to life that you haven’t yet?

Kevin: You ever go to the toy store and see something and be like, “I want to animate that.”

John: I definitely don’t. We’re retired animators. So at this point, it’s hard to think about going back. Do you walk into a toy store and say, “I’d like to voice that some day?”

Kevin: Every day.

NR: I think that’s how you get your inspiration. You look on the shelf and you say, “That’s my career goal right there!”

Kevin: Exactly!

NR: Are there any claymation or stop-motion movies that really inspired you?

Eric: Well, I was always fond of Clash of the Titans. That Harry Hausen stuff was always so cool. Like the monster stuff and like, the first stuff I ever animated when I was a kid. There was one of two subject matters toys that were fighting each other or big monsters that were fighting each other, and it was always like two of them squaring off. And yeah, I find a lot of inspiration from that.

Kevin: I think those Rudolph Specials is where I got my first real understanding about what stop motion was.

Kevin: Isn’t the original King Kong essentially a stop-motion movie.

Eric: Basically.

John: Yeah you know, a hybrid.

Eric: Hybrid Technology.

John: I guess mine would be Nightmare Before Christmas. It came out around the time I was thinking of having a career in animation so I was like, “Oh I can do this for a living.” And the next year Jurassic Park came out and I’m like. I’m done. My career is over. But I’ve struggled through a career so far so.

Kevin: So far you’re doing a great job.

NR: What are some of your favorite sketches that you worked on?

John: Mine would be the first He-Man sketch, like the Molar one. And I was very happy to animate on that. It looks horrible now. I did a really bad job on it, but I was happy to be part of it. That was a lot of fun.

Eric: Let me see. I think it was Season 2 there was a Law and Order spoof with chickens.

Kevin: I wrote that.

Eric: Did you really? Oh yeah. I animated some shots on that. It was just so absurd.

John: So was 300, let’s talk about that.

Kevin: I wrote that too.

John: Are you the only writer?

Kevin: Both of these guys animated two of my favorite sketches. One was 1776 which is my nod to 300 done during the revolutionary war. And then Law and Order KFC , which I was watching Law and Order one day and realized this show is so formulaic you don’t even need words I thought. Chickens could do this.

John: And you’re right.

Eric: You have to understand how confusing it was to me, because I had never seen Law and Order. And I was like this is crazy.

Kevin: And now you don’t need to.

Eric: Right. Now I don’t need to. But then it was actually really funny when I finally saw Law and Order.

John: And I never saw 300, so I was like why does Kevin want all these shirts off these guys, what is his deal? Alright here I go.

Kevin: Two stick out. One was I turned Star Trek 2 into an Italian opera. That got animated. Which went really well, and some college in Middle America performed it.

John: Wow

Kevin: Yeah they performed the Italian Opera. And I turned Shawshank Redemption into Shawshank Arkham Asylum. That one I really really enjoyed.

John: I also like the Middle America reference.

Kevin: I couldn’t remember the…

John: Are you from the East or West? No I’m from Middle America.

Kevin: It was somewhere out there.

NR: How is it to be less censored?

John: That’s pretty fun right?

Kevin: You know when we write it I don’t think we censor ourselves at that point. It’s only later that you find out that things got cut. Hearing the bleep is funny. I remember being shocked. I did this sketch of 33-year-old virgin Jesus Christ, and in the movie, he says, “Jesus Christ, you’re a virgin!” I thought we could get away with it because he was talking to Jesus Christ. And when it aired they bleeped it! I was upset, like it’s his name! So it is nice to get away with more things now.

Eric: There’s a lot of penis.

John: Yeah there’s a lot of pixeling.

Eric: For the first time there’s animate-able junk.

Kevin: Animate-able junk?

John: Oh you haven’t seen that? So before when we’d have a nude body, they’d just be like.

Eric: Like Ken you know.

John: Like Ken. But now they have a little twig and berries. And the animators are like having too much fun moving it around. And I’m like its gonna get blurred out you guys, you can leave it alone.

Eric: There’s a scene from the Christmas special where Santa Claus is coming down the chimney and his pants fall down. He gets stuck in there and this kid comes down, and he’s like watching this whole thing. It’s just this really amazing ball animation.

John: Submit that to the Annie’s.

Kevin: That’ll be our clip. Our clip is usually something like that. The nominees are… oh.

Eric: The nominees in the category of best ball animation are…

NR: The DC Special is out. What are some of your favorite DC heroes and villains?

John: Batman. Superman.

Kevin: He has a wealth of comic book knowledge.

John: There’s um… Joker.

NR: Are you just looking at the table?

John: Yep. But I don’t know any of their names.

Kevin: Oh yeah the guy with the thingy.

John: So that’s my three.

Eric: Penguin is a villain. Flash.

NR: He’s also just looking at the table.

Kevin: Exactly!

Eric: It gets better. Bird Tree Man. Flowy Grass Girl.

Kevin: I was always a big fan of Captain Cold so I requested I voice him. So Captain Cold. Um and now Starros, since I voiced him. So two of my favorites.

NR: So anything you voice?

Kevin: Anything I voice I like. I liked them so I pitched myself. And I love Captain Cold. I always got the feeling that Captain Cold was just in this bad guy fraternity. He didn’t have the clout. He was always just chipping in for pizza.

John: What’s his special power. Like he dresses warm?

Kevin: Yes, yes

John: Does he have a gun?

Kevin : Yeah he has a freeze gun. That’s it, and a really good scarf.

John: Alright.

NR: So you seem to know quite a lot about DC…

Kevin: As apposed to you guys…

NR: Were there any characters you wanted to throw in? We know you said Starro, but any others?

Kevin: Starro, yeah. Because it’s the second one we brought back a lot of our major players. But I did a Dead Man sketch, and I wanted to bring Dead Man into the first one, but then it got cut. I wanted him to be in this one. And it never got through, sadly enough. But this time we had Starro and he got in. So just like when we do Star Wars, we don’t want to do things that are so obscure, like there are people who know Starro, it may not be in this room. But, someone will be like, “Oh, they got Starro!!” So I think that’s why we went with him. He was just obscure enough that it would be fun. And then Super Boy the clone is new this year. So they’re in there.

Eric: Lena Luthor. Everybody’s a huge fan of her.

Kevin: Yes she has a huge following.

NR: I’m a huge fan of Sexx Luthor!

Kevin: Of course! I think he’s going on tour in the fall. Playing the Hollywood Bowl soon.

NR: I’m buying tickets!

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