Smite down with Ullr – Plus we’re giving away gods and skins


Smite hasn’t been out long fully and already the game is dropping new content to satiate your god complex. Ullr is the Norse god of hunting as well as Odin’s stand-in when Odin sleeps. He has left his post to be the latest god to join the fray, and he brings his own unique style to the game.

Since he’s a god of hunting, it makes sense that he would be a hunter class. He lacks a traditional “Ult” but makes up for it with a secondary set of skills depending on his stance, bringing his skill set up to six. Wielding an axe in one stance and a bow in the other, Ullr can switch on the fly with a 15 cooldown in between. He can use the bow for range and speed, and the axes for melee and lifesteal. Also in axe stance Ullr is capable of a single target axe throw stun, a movement speed buff, and a leap attack with area damage. In bow stance Ullr has a line shot damaging multiple targets in a line, a physical power buff, and he volleys arrows at a target. When Ullr uses an ability in one stance it cools down the opposite ability in the other stance. He makes for a very formidable opponent in all modes.


Smite didn’t stop there, they went a little further and redesigned an old god. Bastet gets a new look with the update, as well as a skill tweak. Her look is more human now, and they even threw in some new special effects and voice pack. Not an all-new god, but she sure feels like one.

More gods are sure to release, and I’ll be on the look out to cover them all. While you and I wait, give Smite and Nerd Reactor’s Facebook page a like, Videogame Bang too.

Leave a comment on who your favorite god is and why in the comment section below, and you’ll be entered to win a free god in Smite, with a skin. We’re giving out Nemesis, Agni, Sun Wukong, Scilla, and Ah Muzen Cab. Codes are limited, so enter now! Contest will be over on April 25, 2014.

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