Interview with Sean Astin on Vox Populi


Nerd Reactor got to chat with Sean Astin about his new season of his passion project, Vox Populi!

You’re about to go into your second season of Vox Populi after a major campaign, how has the campaign affected the new upcoming season?

The Kickstarter Campaign was a huge burst of adrenaline for the show. It has proven to be an inspiration on a number of levels. The 960+ backers are a total validation of  the premise of the show. That has given all of us a sense of confidence and a sharper sense of expectation. We all want to exceed the high hopes that everyone has for  the show.

Can you give us a sneak peak of some of the guests and subjects coming up in this new season?

I wish I could, but we are in the process of designing the feel of the season. At the moment we are focused on launching the show in top fashion. I suppose the one thing  I want to do, is make sure that the show is responsive to the political and government news cycle. It’s great to offer a forum for in depth discussion about things that people are focused on.

You’re show is about bringing politics in a polite format to the people. Has it ever gotten impolite?

Absolutely. When I see injustice and no redress, like bullying, I can get pretty angry. Paparazzi dynamics and the law get me more riled up than I should. I notice that I can get really intense prepping the show. The irony is not lost on me when I get frustrated when planning a show that requires cool heads to prevail.

When can we look forward to seeing the new season of Vox Populi?

We are making a fun announcement on tax day at the federal building in Westwood about the season premiere date. But, it’s very very soon!!!

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