‘Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel’ details, character info and plot

Borderlands 3

When the new Borderlands game was announced, I literally jumped for joy. I think if I was to total up the hours spent on both games, I’m sure at least 3 Call of Duty titles would have been released. Both Borderlands and its successor have been nothing short of amazing, especially with Borderlands 2 being the best-selling game in 2k Games history. So far Gearbox Software has handled both titles in the franchise, but it seems this 3rd iteration will not be in their repertoire. Bioshock Infinite co-developer 2k Australia will be taking the reins from Gearbox.

Randy Pitchford, head of Gearbox, had this to say:

The last quarterly report that Take-Two talked to the shareholders about, they announced that Borderlands 2 has become the best selling game in 2K Games history, which is pretty awesome. I’m really pleased with that, obviously. It’s a challenge for us, though, because my studio has dedicated a lot of its attentions toward building new IP and towards creating technology for the future, which, in spite of the unparalleled support we gave to Borderlands 2 and the amount of DLC and other additional content we added to Borderlands 2, we still have not really met the demand that there has been from our fans. And to be fair, as well, within Gearbox, we really love Borderlands, so there’s a lot of us that keep wanting to do things with it, want to spend more time in the space…So we were very fortunate after BioShock Infinite shipped that the 2K Australia team was available, and so these guys have been able to jump in 100 percent to make sure that we could bring more content to Borderlands fans, and that’s what’s becomes Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Borderlands 3.1

From us fans, that’s a really good thing because it’s not like Gearbox decided to just take off. They’re literally handing everything over to 2k Australia with instructions on how not to mess things up as well as. Many AAA games have had lackluster sequels from secondary developers that were not able to live up to the standards of the original game (I’m looking at you Obsidian, who did Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Fallout: New Vegas).

Now that the logistics are out of the way, I’m sure everyone is wondering what the game will be about. Well with a name like “The Pre-Sequel,” one can only surmise that it takes place after the first game and before the second. Which is exactly correct. The story follows a younger Handsome Jack who is trying to get his hands on an ancient alien artifact.

Something interesting to note is that the story doesn’t take place on Pandora, but on its nearby low-gravity moon of Elpis. For those of you who have played Borderlands 2, yes, it’s where Hyperion’s H-base was located. With many of the environments being in low-gravity, they’ve incorporated oxygen tanks and jump jets (utilizing the oxygen tanks) into the mix.

Borderlands 3.4

The oxygen tanks, or Oz kits, give players the use of more than just oxygen to breathe. There will be an oxygen gauge for you to keep track of, as by venting oxygen will allow you to double jump, slightly hover, somewhat “fly,” and perform a new “ground-pound” move. The Oz kit can also provide bonuses for weapons as well like increased fire rate, different elemental damage types, etc.

Speaking of damage types, the Borderlands series is known for its crazy guns and types of elemental damage you can dish out. That has ranged from fire, to sludge, to chemicals and even shock damage. But why stop there? New to the series will be a new cryo effect that slows down enemies and can potentially freeze them. And yes, you can shatter an enemy to pieces once they’re frozen. The other new type is laser weapons that range from short burst more akin to Star Wars all the way to a steady stream from a Ghostbuster’s Proton Pack.

So who will get to wield these new weapons and abilities? There are 4 new (technically) characters that players will get to choose from, with all 4 being new classes as well. Nothing has been announced regarding the classes as of yet, but the characters should pique your interest, as we’ve met them all before. And yes, you are a part of Jack’s team.

Borderlands 3.3

First up is a Hyperion engineer by the name of Willhelm the Enforcer. He’s actually the first major boss you face in Borderlands 2. At the time you see him, he’s already augmented with loader legs, as well as other various mech parts. In this game, the more you level up his skill-tree, the more mechanical parts take the place of human parts of his body.

Next up is Athena the Gladiator, who can be found in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC from the original Borderlands. She’s a Lance Assassin from the Crimson Lance. Not much has been said on the details of her character, but supposedly she has a shield that can be thrown similar to Captain America.

Nisha the Lawbringer is the third character announced. She was The Sheriff of Lynchwood in Borderlands 2, as well as Jack’s girlfriend. There hasn’t been any info released as of yet regarding her play-style or abilities.

Last but not least is Claptrap the Fragtrap. Yes, our favorite little robot will be a playable character. Just like Nisha, there hasn’t been any info revealed in regards to abilities or class-type. I’m guessing it will be close to Zer0 from Borderlands 2, but way more fun. I’m really interested to hear his backstory because after the events of Borderlands DLC, Claptrap’s Robot Revolution, he was defeated and left face down in the mud. At the start of Borderlands 2, we find Claptrap in a frozen wasteland as the only operable Claptrap in Pandora. That’s because Handsome Jack and Hyperion shut down every one of them, which makes sense why Claptrap has a personal vendetta against Jack.

Borderlands 3.2

That’s pretty much all the details we have for now, but this is definitely a game we’ll be keeping an eye. You’re probably thinking that this will be a next-gen title, but you’re wrong. The game will only be releasing to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford had a full statement as to why that is:

The game will launch on the platforms that all Borderlands customers are familiar with. So it’s Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, and there is not a next-gen version of this. One hundred percent of the budget and the investment and the resources and the talent that have been invested into Borderlands Pre-Sequel have been spent to create content, have been spent to iterate technology from the Borderlands 2 engine. So none of the investment has gone toward creating new technology. None of the investment has gone towards figuring out how new platforms work. It’s all about creating, focusing that energy on creation of entertainment and playable entertainment.

The advantage of course is we know that all the people that played any of the Borderlands games before has these platforms, right. There’s over 150 million installed PlayStation 3’s and Xbox 360’s. There are currently fewer PlayStation 4 and Xbox One’s than the sold copies of Borderlands 2, and we do not expect a better than that tie-in rate. So it was a really natural decision for us to prioritize the platforms that are customers are on. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to make sure no one confused our energies as something that you might imagine a Borderlands 3 to be.

I think that’s a very smart move, being that there more current-gen consoles owned compared to next-gen. I don’t think this will hinder the graphics either, as the cell-shaded style the series have been using have been nothing short of amazing.

Stay tuned to Nerd Reactor for more news on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and look for it to hit store shelves in Fall 2014.

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