Robot Chicken DC Special: Interview with SEXX Luthor’s Alfred Molina

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Nerd Reactor sat down with Sexx Luthor’s Alfred Molina and discussed the Robot Chicken DC Special and more! In Robot Chicken, Lex Luthor has an ’80s metal band called Sexx Luthor.

Nerd Reactor: They were kidding about you going on tour, but man…

Alfred Molina: Yeah we would be the Spinal Tap of our generation. I can just see it.

The Spinal Tap Episode of Robot Chicken, coming soon.

Yeah, yeah.

You’ve been reprising your role as Lex Luthor, but this is the first time you actually sing. How did they get you to do that? 

I can’t remember if it was something in the original script or if it was something that just occurred to them as a sort of afterthought, but it came up. We just all kind of went, “Yeah why not? You know, why not?” I wasn’t sure if they wanted me to do it as a recitation, and they said, “No, sing it! Rock it out!” I thought okay, and we just went for it, and it’s got the most amazing reaction. I think it’s part of that wonderful slightly subversive kind of joy that they take on these really iconic characters and just kind of twist them, turning them upside down a little bit. Turning them around and shaking them until the change falls out of their pockets a little bit.

Do you have a favorite character that you get to voice?

Well when I was kid reading DC comics, I was a big, big fan of Green Lantern. He was one of my favorites. Everybody loves Superman, but I had a big soft spot for Green Lantern. But you know what? I’m hoping to voice him one day, like a real kind of out and out comic villain – like someone really wacky. Maybe it’ll happen one day. I think we might be doing another special this year. So Sexx Luthor, you might get another airing.

How is it for you doing voice acting for this? It’s a little more out there.

Yeah well it’s sort of very liberating in a way. In a way there are no rules. The only rules are to be technically efficient, and it has to be entertaining. But in terms of how you approach it, it’s very collaborative…very relaxed. That’s part of the joy of it. There’s a kind of a freedom to it. It’s very, very unusual. That’s what makes it so interesting.

Do you get to ad-lib a lot?

Sometimes, but I’m a terrible ad-libber. It’s not a tradition I came out of, but I did a little bit. I’m not one of those actors where you tell me to say something, and something fascinating is going to come out. I need a script. Seth was very good because he kept coming up with stuff. You know, try this or try this. So it kind of became a bit of a rhythm that we got into. But actually just improvising, that’s not my skill.

What can we look forward to seeing you in?

I’ve just signed up to do a series for the El Rey Channel. It’s this new cable channel, and the series is called Matador. I’m playing the villain, and we start shooting this week!

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