OC’s Phat Collectibles is throwing a wedding bash for Deadpool


This weekend our local comic book store, Phat Collectibles in Anaheim, is holding an event for the wedding of the year. If you haven’t heard, the groom will be none other than Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. But who will be the bride, you may ask. Go to the last paragraph to find out.

They are bringing Deadpool’s co-creator, Rob Liefeld, to the store to celebrate this special event. It’s like having a father to see his son’s wedding. Rob will be giving the first 300 people to this event a free Deadpool gift, and he will also be signing items at the event.

The event will be at their Anaheim, CA megastore, and the party will commence at 2:00 PM on April 12th. So if you’re local or in the Anaheim area, come on down and celebrate what is hopefully a one time thing. But knowing Deadpool and the different situations he gets into, it may not be the last time he gets married.

If you don’t want to know who Deadpool is marrying, look away.

If you’ve been keeping up with Deadpool: The Gauntlet, we find out that the bride to be is named Shiklah. It was confirmed by co-writer Gerry Duggan. Now how she becomes the bride…that you’ll have to find out on your own.

Source: Phat Collectibles

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