Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s international pop culture list

There’s a scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier where Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) suggests to Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) to check out the song, “Trouble Man”, by Marvin Gaye. Rogers pulls out a notepad and writes it down, revealing to the audience other things that he needs to catch up on. Well, it turns out that the pop culture list is different, depending on where you’re at in the world.

captain america us

The U.S. version contains references to I Love Lucy, Berlin Wall, Steve Jobs and Disco. Now let’s check out what the rest of the world has in store for Captain America.

South Korean List

captain america south korean

Nothing says South Korea like Dance Dance Revolution, but hey, many gamers in the States have experienced this Japanese phenomenon. Oh, and I love that Oldboy is added in the last. That’s the last movie that Cap should be watching. Oh, and if he watches the remake by Spike Lee, he’ll get to see Elizabeth Olsen’s shocking scene.

British List

captain america british

The British list is almost similar to the U.S. list, but we get the Sherlock TV show, The Beatles, World Cup (1966) and Sean Connery. Some may say that Doctor Who should be on that list, but hey, maybe Cap didn’t meet a Whovian. As for Sean Connery, that should be on all the lists. The man is a legend.

Italian List

captain america italy

With the Italian list, we get singer/songwriter Vasco Rossi, Ferrari’s victories at F1 Grand Prix, and actor/director Roberto Benigni. Since Benigni did A Beautiful Life, that movie would be suitable for Captain America to watch.

Latin American List

captain america latin america

Of course, the biggest recent news to come out of Latin America were the Chilean miners getting stuck. Then there’s Shakira (her hips do not lie) and many more notable Latin Americans.

The thing I’m wondering is why Star Wars is crossed out for the U.S. version? Perhaps William Shatner got to Rogers?


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