Watch Captain America poster come to life with AR app

captain america

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is off to a great start with a $10.2 million opening for Thursday. The movie officially hits theaters today, and to celebrate in style, you can download the augmented reality Captain America Experience App that will make the new Captain America poster come to life.

Captain America

If you want to go all out, point your smartphone or tablet with the app at theĀ Captain America: The Winter Soldier Billboard on the Sunset Wall in Hollywood.

Links to the app below:

Update: Since I’m currently not near Sunset Blvd, I decided to snap some photos of the posters online using my Galaxy S4. I got one with The Winter Soldier and Captain America. It’s pretty random, since the Winter Soldier one is originally a Nick Fury poster.

captain america winter soldier experience 2

captain america winter soldier experience

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