Review: Accell Powramid power strip


If you’re like me you have power strips daisy-chained just to gain an extra spot for your USB charger. Well, thanks to Accell you do not have to worry about that any more. They have created something called the “Powramid”. It has a built-in USB charger just for your items that charge via USB.


It looks exactly like as it sounds. It’s shaped like a pyramid, but the base is circular. It comes with a 6-foot power cable, 6 adapter slots, and a dual USB (2.1A) charging ports. It features the “Power Stop” technology which allows the Powramid to stop conducting power once it has reached full capacity. Not many have this kind of tech behind it, and this is a major plus especially since it can do damage to your peripherals. The power button is located at the top of the pyramid.



I would recommend this to be placed on a desktop and not a floor. It was great to finally plug my smartphone directly without using its charger. The Powramid saves me from daisy-chaining and I can use that extra power strip for other uses. The power button on top lights up to tell you that it’s on. There is also a small green light close to the USB ports to tell you that the peripherals are “Protected.”

The 6 ports are widely spaced for those large charger plugs. It also has a 1080 Joules rating with an encapsulated fireproof material to prevent fires during extreme surges, and a state of the art X3 MOV technology. With its circular shape it takes up less space than the well-known rectangular based power strips.


Final Reaction

All in all this is a very handy gadget to have for your office, home, or home-office. Its small and compact design is very space friendly.

Grade: A

If you want more information or are looking to buy, go here.

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