Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete (PS4 review)


The Dynasty Warriors franchise is based off the Three Kingdoms era of China, in which three states (Wei, Shu, and Wu) fought for power over China after the Han Dynasty fell. Of course like many games like this, it will never stay true to its origin. There will be embellishments of sorts to make the game more exciting. So if you want a game in which you are an officer of one of the Three Kingdoms fighting for supremacy, this is a game for you.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends brings in several new items to the game. There is a new difficulty, Ultimate, for those brave enough to do it, a storyline featuring Lu Bu (my favorite character), extended Ambition Mode, gameplay tweaks, and 5 new characters. I loved playing Lu Bu’s campaign, since it was short but good, and his one liners are funny. His attacks are what made me like the character even more, like the chokeslam-type of finishing move after the combo.

Lu Bu_EX Attack

With the addition of the characters, it brings the total up to 82 characters, meaning that there should be a character that everyone will like. The new characters are Yu Jin, Zhu Ran, Fa Zheng, Chen Gong and Lu Lingqi. What is amazing is that Omega Force has made an effort to give each character his/her own attacks and weapons.

There is also a new Weapon Fusion system, brought over from Omega Force’s Warriors Orochi, to help boost your weapon as well as your stats while also allowing you to bring in a second weapon. You can customize each weapon to suit your needs.


The Challenge Mode is for those hardcore fans. It adds bonus levels giving you different undertakings to accomplish, mainly take down as many enemies as you can. This has an online leaderboard for those looking to show their supremacy over others. It does get tedious after a while, but if proclaiming your greatness in the Dynasty Warriors world is what you crave, then it is where you want to go.


The upgrade on graphics from PS3 to PS4 is subtle but is very nice to see. The graphics does not come as close to the likes of Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain, but it’s one of the best-looking Dynasty Warriors I’ve ever played. Some enhancements are obvious such as the sun covering the battlefields, and some you have to pay close attention to such as clothing on some of the officers. There are also times when you are fighting along the mountainside and boulders, and they would have a very poor texture and would look blurry and pixelated. It has this great way of adding depth to the game in which they make fighters from afar look almost like a haze. You know that there is fighting going on over there, but you just can’t figure out who is who unless you get closer.

Gameplay wise this is your normal hack and slash game. You just have to clear the battlefield and lower your enemies number low enough to trigger something. From when you start the game/level there will already be 40-50 fighters standing to oppose you. And with that you start swinging your weapon, hitting someone and probably chaining a combo. It does not take much strategy, unless you are trying to keep all your officers alive. I think my highest count was 2500+ of enemies dead.

The game is worth the buy if you are into the Three Kingdoms saga or just a fan of Dynasty Warriors. You will not be disappointed. However, be prepared to make some room for your PS4, because this game is 25 gigs.

Grade: B

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