5-year-old boy bypasses Xbox’s security


When you’re a parent with an Xbox, you want to add security to the console to prevent your young child from accessing your files or games. Well, it looks like a simple thing like password security is no match for this 5-year-old boy, according to KGTV (ABC News 10 affiliate).

Meet Kristoffer Von Hassel. He was trying to log into his dad’s Xbox Live account so that he can play video games, but he didn’t have the password. He found a way to bypass the password security by pressing the space bar a few times and entering when the password verification screen appeared…and it worked.

The father and child reported this bug to Microsoft, and a fix is already underway. For the tip they have rewarded Kristoffer with four games, $50 and a one-year Xbox Live subscription.

If I’m the father, I’d be extra careful about hiding any private information when I’m around the kid.

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