League of Legends: Ultra Rapid Fire – Tier list

League-of-Legends-wide-900x16002If you’ve been playing League this past week, then there is no way in Runeterra that you haven’t at least tried the Ultra Rapid Fire mode. This has been one of the most popular game modes that Riot has ever released, and will be available until April 7th. The mode consists of Summoner’s Rift with one huge buff to all champions:

cs_bg_championsSeeing this, we decided to put together a small tier list of champs that have been found to either be a required ban, or an insta-lock in for every game. Here it is, the URF mode tier list, with comments as to why these champs are so stupid OP.

God Tier:
Evelyn – 0.3 second Hatespike, nuff said.
Hecarim – Helicopter Q.
Nidalee – 1 second cooldown on spears and heals.
Soraka – 0.5 second Starfall.
Jayce – up to three shock blasts through a single gate for massive poke.
Alistar – Insane CC and heals.

Tier 1:
Jax – Immune to all auto-attacks because of E, massive attackspeed by spamming WQ.
Karma – Shields, shields everywhere.
Shen – 1 sec Dash CD and Perma Shield. (SO TANKY)
Sona – Heals, heals everywhere.
Brand – Permastun after landing one Q.
Maokai – No limit on saplings, low CD, perma ult.
Lux – 15 seconds on Laser, snares and shields all day.
Ziggs – 1 sec CD on Q, 24 on Ult, 4 minefields out at a time.
Karthus – One Button.

Tier 2:
Urgot – Q is faster than auto-attack
Leona – Perma W, Stuns all day
Taric – Dirty stunhealing.
Sion – Still stunning.
Blitz – Pull, knockup, silence, pull, knockup (STAHP PLEASE).
Tryndamere – GA + His ult = 0 deaths.

Tier 3:
Xerath – Poke, poke, poke, poke
Swain – Perma ult, snares all day
Ezreal – Massive ult damage every 20 secs
Jinx – Perma Rocket Mode
Draven – Spam Q/W
Kog’Maw – Ult all day
Fizz – Good escapes, but gets caught fast
Gragas – Good damage, same issue as Fizz

That folks is all of the champs we’ve seen to be the most powerful in this new game mode. If you haven’t tried any of these, I would highly recommend any of the god tier champs, they are an absolute blast to destroy people with. Good games, everyone, and enjoy this mode while it lasts. There is no telling if Riot will allow it in future custom matches, but hopefully it’ll have it’s own place, somewhere in the League of Legends.

To see URF mode in action, check out 1337LoungeLive.com on Thursday and Monday night to see 1337LeagueLive take on some viewers in this epic cluster*&^% of a game mode.

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