EA’s UFC to feature mystery fighter: Bruce Lee?

The past few days EA has slowly been releasing clues as to a mystery fighter that will be included in the roster of this highly-anticipated next-gen title, EA Sports UFC.

ufs mystery fighter

The first hint came in the form of a graphic stating that the mystery fighter has never fought in the UFC before. Being an avid fan of the sport, there are many high profile fighters past and present that fit the bill, and they would be enormous crowd pleasers. Early logical guesses included the Legendary Fedor Emelianenko and Kazushi Sakuraba. More outside-of-the-box guesses included Joe Rogan, Bruce Lee, and Mike Tyson.

ufs mystery fighter4

Clue number two came out today with a header that says “Will be playable in four different weight classes.” To me this quickly and unfortunately eliminates Fedor, who many saw as a front runner. The news of the four different weight classes in my opinion shifts the Bruce Lee theory into the front of the pack.

ufs mystery fighter5

The third clue added is also congruent with the mystery fighter being Bruce Lee. Lee was actually born in Chinatown, California. It’s possible that this clue was a heath…I mean red herring, because most people would assume Bruce Lee was born in Hong Kong… ya bunch of racists…

It’s unlikely the UFC brass would approve of allowing another fighter from a different organization into their game to beat up their current roster. This leaves remaining athletes from other sports that have a good reputation with the UFC like Shaquille O’neal or Mike Tyson, both of which I don’t believe could make four different weight classes realistically.

ufs mystery fighter3

Consensus is that throughout Bruce Lee’s career, his weight fluctuated from 130 lbs to 160 lbs. That encompasses bantamweight, featherweight, lightweight, and it’s reasonable to believe Bruce could hook up with Mike Dolce and lose the extra five pounds to hit flyweight. The second reason to believe that the mystery fighter is Bruce Lee is the fact that the UFC obviously has some sort of licensing agreement with whoever controls the use of his image, as they have made a series of t-shirts and even a collectible figurine using Bruce Lee’s name and likeness.

ufs mystery fighter2

The final image that I present to you is from the EA Sports Facebook page that was never released as an official image for the #MysteryFighter campaign for EA’s UFC that shows a gradient wipe that only reveals the fighters hand and opponent. The opponent looks a lot to me like featherweight champion Jose Aldo, and the angle of the punch appears to be a karate style leading back fist, much like what we would see in an old Bruce Lee movie.

Regardless of whom the Mystery Fighter is, this game is shaping up to be a beautiful looking next-generation MMA game. Hopefully the game mechanics and fluidity can reach the very high bar set by the stunning visuals that EA has released in its character reveals. The game is set to launch in Spring 2014, with no official date revealed.

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