How I Met Your Mother: How it should had ended

*Post contains spoilers (if you didn’t watch the finale)*

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I know a lot of people were upset with How I Met Your Mother’s series finale. I, too, was one of them. I understand the creators wanted Robin and Ted together since the first season, but with the multiple episodes dedicated to Ted getting over Robin and letting her go… we let them go too. We focused all our attention on finding this Mother. Finally seeing Ted and the Mother be happy.

I get it the moral of the story – appreciate every moment you have with each other because we never know how much time we have together. I get it. Of course, I get the whole “MOVE ON” life lesson. I get that… but the writers did not give the audience a chance to move on.


We had THAT MOMENT where they finally met and it’s magical. It really felt like the whole world stopped for that moment for them to meet (kudos to the writers and actors). But then, we are given a commercial break of three minutes to get rid of those mushy, sweet feelings of the moment and allow Ted to move on with Robin. What?!

It’s not the whole moving on with Robin thing. It’s the pacing. To the characters, it had been six years that passed since the Mother passed, but only three minutes for the audience from their moment of meeting. We weren’t ready. We weren’t prepared.

We waited NINE years to find her, one year to fall in love her, and three minutes to move on from her. This is why we’re upset.

YouTube user Ricardo J Dylan posted his own alternate ending that have been gathering tons of views and positive comments. He cut the ending for the fans who wanted the happy ending for the Mother. This was the ending the fans didn’t get, but the one we deserved. And it was perfect.

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