Paul W.S. Anderson to direct Borderlands movie starring The Rock and Milla Jovovich


While developer Gearbox Software has stated that there is no work being done for a Borderlands 3 game, it seems that a feature film is in the works. Apparently this has been something on the back burner for some time. Legendary Pictures will be funding the ambitious project and they even have a director already attached to the film.

Paul W.S. Anderson will be helming the project, as he’s just coming off the not-so-hot PompeiiI’m guessing he’ll be looking for some sort of redemption not just for Pompeii, but for the Resident Evil series as well. They might have done well at the box office, but most of them have been nothing short of lackluster.

So far there hasn’t been much info about the plot, but it has been rumored that it will surround the characters from the first game as opposed to the second. What solidifies this is that 2 roles have already been filled. The Rock himself will be slated to play the big bruiser Brick, and of course W. S. Anderson’s wife Milla Jovovich will play the siren Lillith.

I definitely agree with The Rock being cast as Brick, as I believe he’ll fit the role more than well. Lillith on the other hand, I’m not too keen on Jovovich in that role. I’m interested to see who will take on Mordecai, Roland and more importantly Claptrap. Who knows what enemy they will face and whether it will have hints from Borderlands 2 as well. Maybe even cameo appearances from Maya, Axton, Salvidor and Zer0?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I truly do hope W.S. Anderson doesn’t ruin a franchise that so many fans love. For more info, check out the link below.

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