Orphan Black: Alison featurette

alison orphan black

BBC’s Orphan Black has released a video of housewife clone Alison (Tatiana Maslany). We see more of the suburban housewife whose world began to unfold throughout the first season.

According to BBC America’s description, a lot is set for Alison:

“The tone of the stuff that we do with Alison has always had a different bent than the rest of the characters… She’s in a severe amount of paranoia, fear, everything that makes Alison ‘Alison.'”

Alison has made a deal with the Dyad Institute to maintain her status quo life, but the sands are shifting beneath her feet. Under the impression that her friend and neighbor Aynsley was her monitor, she stood idly by while Aynsley was strangled to death by a garbage disposal. Now, feeling somewhat responsible, Alison begins to discover a series of disturbing truths — all of which set her on a downward spiral, adrift on a sea of chardonnay.

We are looking forward to more of Alison as well as the other clones.

Orphan Black returns to BBC America on April 19th!

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