How I Met Your Mother series finale review

*Warning: Contains spoilers if you have not seen the finale*

Thank you How I Met Your Mother for the memories and the storylines.
You’ve made me laugh. You’ve made me cry. You’ve made me reflect on my life.
Thank you for the nine years.

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We all have been waiting for this day… for Ted Mosby, a guy who has loved and lost many relationships to get to where he is, to meet the Mother. Finally. After nine seasons of what ifs and who could it be, we finally have them meet, and it’s perfect. Well, the first 45 minutes were perfect.

It could had ended there.  I really wanted it to end there, but it didn’t. How I Met Your Mother creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas had a plan this whole time, since the beginning of the show, to have Ted end up with Robin somehow. Even if it means killing off The Mother.

The whole episode wanted to be realistic and it was true. Marriage is difficult. Barney and Robin showed us that. It could be the perfect wedding but in the end, marriage takes a lot of work. It ended for them and the reality is, marriage isn’t perfect. Divorce is real. But, you had one couple to show this reality. We didn’t need to involve Ted and his perfect life in this.

Robin and Ted had their MANY chances together. Bays and Thomas had their idea that they should end up together in the very first season (the kids filmed it as such), but what they didn’t expect… was this show lasted for nine seasons. Things change. People change. Relationships change. A relationship idea from season one is not going to reflect what should happen eight years later. And yet, they stuck to their guns about having Robin and Ted together.

Maybe this would had been OK during the first few seasons, but after nine years of the relationships between Ted-Robin-Barney and that whole episode of Ted finally letting to of Robin like his red balloon, we were ready for Ted to fully move on. We let go of Robin too. We accepted the Mother into our lives.

The writers did what they did best – create this whole story regarding the Mother and made us fall in love with her. How could we not? Cristin Milioti stole our hearts with her incredible doey-eyes and that smile that could light up a dark cave. The writers even gave her an incredible storyline of her life and how it intertwined with Ted. The writers made this perfect woman for our Ted who has been searching for “the one” for NINE years. We were with him throughout this search. Every heartbreak. Every renewed love. Every crazy stunt. Every Intervention. Every hilarious gag. Every sad and upbeat moment. We were there. We never left for nine years.

I know, it’s just a TV show. It is. They are all actors portraying a story written down for them. But it’s the stories that captured us because we have all been there. We have all been Ted at one point. We have been Lily. We have been Marshall. We have been Robin. We have been Barney. We have been the Mother.

Death is real. I know. This show has reflected intense realities that happen to people – the death with Marshal’s dad, Robin’s infertility and the truth about relationships. But why create a character for us to fall in love with, only to have her be a filler in a story, for the real relationship the writers wanted to put together?

I just felt we were cheated out of the Mother storyline – cheated out of having Ted and the Mother have THEIR happy ending. Cheated of seeing more of the life they could had have. The Mother was what we have been looking for this whole time with Ted. We weren’t looking for a leeway into another story. We wanted to know Ted’s journey of how he met the mother. That’s it.

The lesson from the episode is to enjoy every moment you have with a person. I got that, but in the end with Robin and Ted, I learned from Ted, “It’s ok to be the second choice and give a person MULTIPLE chances.” Nope. That’s not ok.

So for me, the series ended on that train platform. When Ted and the Mother (Tracey) stood under that umbrella reflecting on the missed moments they could had met and how destiny brought them together. End of story.

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