Fox finally releases their Marvel franchises for 1.8 billion plus royalties back to Marvel Studios


fox-marvel-disney-quicksilverIn a surprising turn of events, Fox has agreed to finally release their Marvel franchises back to Marvel Entertainment after the Fantastic Four reboot. I never would have thought this day would happen in a million years. After an agreement to 1.8 billion dollars plus royalties in 5 following movies that stars their recently released Marvel franchises, it looks like Fox finally saw the green they wanted. Rupert Murdoch, head of 20th Century Fox, had a few words about this settlement:


“Fox has always been a company that listens to their viewers. We’ve seen the rise of Marvel’s Franchises in the past years, and we’ve calculated that even with the success of our X-Men titles, in the long run we can only re-tell the same story so many times. I mean Hugh Jackman can’t play Wolverine forever, you know what I mean?”

This is absolutely stunning news to say the least. Not only does this mean that the Fantastic Four return to Marvel Studios, but the rest of the X-Men and the characters attached to the X-Men universe, are going to finally return back home. Can this mean that Marvel will now be able to film Marvel’s Civil War and put it on the big screen? Marvel’s President, Kevin Feige, sure thinks so:


“This deal has been under the radar for the past week, and we’re glad that it’s finally released. I’m so excited and thrilled at the fact that a chunk of our favorite characters are back in our hands again. Will we visit the Civil War? Will we touch on Avengers vs. X-men? (chuckling) Pretty much anything is possible now. We’ve got a busy schedule ahead of us!”

This has been the best news I’ve heard since they made strawberry flavored cream cheese for bagels. I’ve been pretty vocal to my colleagues here at Nerd Reactor, that Fox should just drop those franchises since they (in my opinion) keep muddling up the story-lines and characters. With our prayers finally answered, we can see (fingers crossed) Wolverine and the X-Men finally go toe-to-toe with Captain America and the Avengers. Thumbs up, soldier!


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