DreamWorks animator turns son’s home videos into nerd magic


Don’t you wish you had a dad who works in the visual effects department? Well, this lucky kid here has a dad, Daniel Hashimoto, who works at DreamWorks Animation, and he turns simple home videos into something really extraordinary. It includes Batman, LEGOs, lightsabers and space adventures.

In the first video, you can see 3-year-old James playing at the McDonald’s play area. He does a countdown, and the playground turns into a spaceship and takes off.

Here’s the LEGO video where James is shooting at LEGO blocks with his LEGO gun.

James is seen checking out a toy lightsaber at a store, but it turns out that the lightsaber should be labeled for adult use only.

Here’s one where he is dressed as Batman using a toy grapnel gun that leaves him hanging.

Via Huffington Post

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