Did Kojima cross the line with sexual abuse in MGS V: Ground Zeroes?

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For those who took the time to explore Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, they were treated with extra details on the story by collecting cassette tapes all around Camp Omega, located in the southern tip of Cuba. Many gamers have complained about the excessive cutscenes from previous Metal Gear Solid games, so Game Director Hideo Kojima likely trimmed them down and added lengthy audio logs to appease the casual fans. These audio diaries from Chico, a child soldier working for Big Boss, and Paz, a young female spy, feature shocking and disturbing acts of torture and sexual abuse.

For those casually playing the game, they are likely not interested in learning more about the story, but for the hardcore, they will witness acts of horror from a villain named Skull Face, who has a face only a mother can love and is fighting against Big Boss and Zero. By listening to the diary, gamers will hear Paz getting tortured by the disfigured villain. There’s a moment where Skull Face has Paz’s stomach opened so that he can place a bomb inside of her. Since it’s a big bomb, some of her organs were removed, leading to her life being shortened to just 24 more hours. Skull Face also puts a second bomb inside of her, in a place where they won’t bother looking (some are speculating that it’s inside her private area). There’s also an implied sexual act between Chico and Paz.

When it comes to war, it’s sad to know that these kinds of things actually do happen. We’ve seen movies include these atrocities in recent films like 300: Rise of an Empire and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Many are put off by this because they say that the tone of the game has changed from dark to really dark. The previous games have had torture sequences and also implied “rape” elements, but this one makes the others seem tame, especially since you’ll be able to hear these acts in audio form.

Did Kojima go too far in trying to create a “mature” game? Will you be boycotting the game, or are you okay with Kojima being able to express his ideas in a fictional story?

If you’re too lazy to collect and listen to them in the game, you can listen to the full thing below.

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