April’s Free Games with Gold announced for Xbox 360


Xbox announced today its Free Games with Gold for the month of April, and it’s a fairly strong showing compared to months in the past. This month from April 1st until April 15th you can download Hitman: Absolution for the best price in the world: Free Ninety-Nine ($0.00). Hitman is priced currently at a modest $20 today, and was a game that was met with glowing reviews when it launched in 2012.

Later in the month, April 16th to be exact, Deadlight will step up to the plate as your Free Xbox game until April 30th. Deadlight is another 2012 game, but this one was an Arcade title that currently costs $15 on the Xbox Marketplace. Much like Hitman, Deadlight was also a highly regarded game that year.

While the Xbox One owners are currently left in the cold when it comes to the Free Games with Gold promotion, fear not! Xbox has recently reiterated that perk will be headed to Xbox One this year. Another thing to note is that currently, unlike PlayStation’s free game promotion, you own the games forever on xbox, even when your gold membership expires.

There you have it, what do you guys think? Are you satisfied with this months offerings?

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