Mystery surrounds The Signal

031814-the-signal-sci-fi-film-images-1So what is The Signal? I’m not entirely sure, but judging from the trailer once you’ve heard it you’re screwed. The first trailer for Focus Feature’s upcoming film was released earlier this month. The trailer featured many new up-and-coming actors along with Sci-Fi veteran Laurence Fishburne.

The film is directed by William Eubank who also wrote and directed the highly acclaimed 2011 film, Love. The Signal follows the story for three friends searching for a legendary computer hacker in the southwest. In search of this unknown hacker, they find themselves in a secluded unknown area where they mysteriously blackout only to awaken to a living nightmare.

Movie looks pretty interesting and it’s got Samuel L….I mean Laurence Fishburne in it. 😀

The Signal is slated to broadcast June 13th.

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