Call of Duty Championship 2014 – Day Two

COD Champs Day 2_4514

Optic Gaming (USA) went up against Strictly Business (USA). It initially started rough where Optic found themselves cornered with aggressive engagement by SB. It came to a point where Optic argued among themselves due to performance. What was occurring during this frustrating episode transpired in a Capture the Flag match, where Optic was being locked out from the flag, thanks to quick work from SB. But as the matches continued, Optic got their act together and overturned what could have been a devastating loss. The culmination of the rounds left Optic the victors of the match, putting Trident Tr1dotters up for the following round.

On the other end of the upper bracket, CompLexity (USA) is going up against FaZe (USA). With Optic going against Trident, Complexity against Faze, they’re rounding out the Upper Division matches of the day.

Within the Lower Division, the region where those with match losses aim to still compete for the Championship, EnVyUs (US) took down Klarity Team (UAE) in a match-up pending at 2 wins against 2. EnVyUs pulled up for the win in what could have persisted to be a longer game. This win elevated EnVyUs against Epsilon ESports (UK), where Tommmy (Epsilon) proved a formidable match, even though Merk (EnVyUs) had a strong open. While Merk opened the match mowing down Epsilon after Epsilon, Tommmy came back with a vengeance. Supplemented by Flux’s sharp awareness, the score was 2 wins against 1 in favor of Epsilon. In the final round however, word has it that one of Epsilon’s team-members lagged out, leaving them at a disadvantage. With EnVyUs cleaning-house, they take their place as victors of the Lower Division bracket.

In the last match of the day, CompLexity takes on OpTic Gaming and ultimately edges them out. This leaves OpTic to take on EnVyUs for Sunday’s Finals match-up!


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