AniPiano2014 moving to Anime Expo 2014


On July 3rd, fans of Animenz, Theishter, and xclassicalcatx will be able to hear them play live at Anime Expo 2014! Originally, these three YouTube musicians, famous for their brilliant renditions of anime songs with their instruments, had planned for a more private concert on April 12th at Club Nokia.

Anipiano2014 was announced back at the beginning of March, but was recently announced to have moved to Anime Expo instead. While this is unfortunate for fans who’ve already planned and purchased their transportation and accommodations during those few weeks, the creators of AniPiano have offered refunds of tickets and also “something special” in LA to those who cannot cancel their travel plans.

Fans, here’s an additional incentive to attend Anime Expo 2014 this year!

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