Call of Duty Championship 2014 – Day One

Fantastic day here in Southern California. Chris and I are here at the L.A. Live tent, doing coverage for the highly competitive Call of Duty Championship 2014. Out here on this end of the gamerverse, eSports teams from around the globe are vying for the $1 Million Prize Pool, plus an actual trophy, with a set of Championship rings. If you read James’s article listing the various teams that made the regional finals, we have a hefty roster of 32 teams this weekend.

As I type this to you Reactorites, the eSports Commentators are just getting warmed up for an epic bumper-to-button controller smashing, Xbox-crunching weekend. And you can view the action remotely on your own computer through Xbox Live or Twitch. While Twitch has maintained the broadcasting stations since last year’s Call of Duty Championship, there are changes to its setup.

Call of Duty – Alpha Station (US Broadcast)
Call of Duty – Bravo Station (UK Broadcast)
Call of Duty – Charlie Station (Germany Broadcast)
Call of Duty – Delta Station (France Broadcast)
Call of Duty – Echo Station is not being used this year.

Having experienced both sports events and eSports events, as gamers, there is an interesting energy when we all cry out in unison for others who have become skilled in our hobbies. Whether it’s fighting-games or first-person shooters, these competitions can get heated, reminding me of the age-old movie “Wizard”. With major contrasts of dim-lit arenas and bright spot lights, the L.A. Live tent has the Hollywood glamour encapsulating the elite of a hobby once associated with deviants and rejects. Lo’ and behold, my Reactorites, as events like these cast us at center stage!

Just to point out two of the teams, Complexity is a team Chris has followed for about two years now. Complexity has teams dedicated to various eSports games. They’re recognized for intuitive teamwork, ability to predict opponents through start of the game, quickly out-think and out-maneuver their competition. OpTic are a bit of the daredevils in the community. They pull off daredevil maneuvers, recovering from situations and making their mark on the MLG scene. All the teams from around the globe have earned their place in this weekend’s tournament, pulling tactics in first-person shooters that are surprising and impressive.

Check out further information on the Call of Duty Championship at Be sure to follow the @eSportsCOD Twitter for all the latest tournament updates, and join the conversation by using #CODChamps.

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