Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope web series needs your help!

"Let's see what they can do when nothing remains." -Android 18

“Let’s see what they can do when nothing remains.” -Android 18

Were you one of the few people that did not like Fox’s Dragonball Evolution? Shocking, I know, some people did not like it.* Now, Robot Underdog is here to make a pilot for a new non-profit web series, Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope. Based on the DBZ movie History of Trunks, Robot Underdog is trying to remedy the lack of true live-action DBZ films, and they need your help! Robot Underdog has set up a campaign at Indiegogo to raise $9,001 towards the creation of the pilot. Why $9,001? Just as Robot Underdog claims, “It’s over 9,000!!!”

Check out the gallery below of production shots, all courtesy of Robot Underdog. Also, check out their trailer below. Both the production shots and trailer look fantastic, and true to Dragonball Z. Energy blasts! Huge explosions! Dramatic camera angles, it’s all there!

Go visit Robot Underdog’s Indiegogo page and make your donation today! Campaign ends April 2, 2014.

*Editor’s Note: Nobody liked Dragonball Evolution but you.

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