A Noise Within’s Macbeth now showing in Southern California

Macbeth04If I told you the Scottish Play was my favorite Shakespearean play, aside from Taming of the Shrew, it may reveal a bit of where my mind is at. So I won’t say Macbeth (The Scottish Play) is my favorite. If you’ve gone through high school, your English teacher may have put you through a variety of Shakespeare readings,with one probably being Macbeth.

It was classified as a cursed play in performance circles for ages, hence naming it the Scottish Play when spoken within the theatre. Worry not, dear friends! Macbeth is often filled out with a cast of talent that boldly defy any curse. A Noise Within is a theatre company based in Southern California that is dedicated to the classics and bringing it to the contemporary age with amazing talent and stunning art direction.

Macbeth03So how is this relevant to you, our Reactorites? In an age where our devotions are to PC/console games, comic books, and television, what would the point be in addressing theatre and opera? Several key points are akin to those in fellow NR writer Anastasia’s notes on opera, but most importantly it hearkens back to the origins of story-based gameplay that a great handful of us enjoy. If you enjoy comics, graphic novels, TV drama, and great movies, a lot of that originates from some background in studies in classic literature.

Directed by Tony Award winner Larry Carpenter, Macbeth makes its way back to A Noise Within after being absent from the company’s stage for eleven years. With a style direction inspired by the late Alexander McQueen and a cast led by Elijah Alexander and Jules Willcox, it is hard not to be impressed that these individuals can carry so many lines and emotion, while evoking intense characteristics. Through the story’s betrayal, supernatural elements, and murders, the psychological thriller stands the test of time as the cast carries the tale with a crafted talent for drama.

Macbeth02Now some of you may figure, “Okay, I know the Macbeth story… great stuff, but theatre bores me.” I implore you to reconsider, while the play runs at movie length, there is an intermission as is tradition for theatre, plus the energy of the act is engaging. Even if you’re familiar with the sequence of the story, the actors resonate with the human emotion that reminds me of the tragedies in adventure games like The Walking Dead.

If you’re in the Southern California region, I highly suggest checking out A Noise Within’s Macbeth as it runs from Thursdays to Sundays, from April until May 11.


For tickets and information:

A Noise Within
3352 East Foothill Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91107

If for some reason Macbeth is currently out of your reach, A Noise Within is featuring Come Back, Little Sheba starting March 29th and running until May 17. And just for Nerd Reactor, we have a discount code you can use when purchasing your tickets: CRAZY10

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