Good Smile Company announces new nendoroid and figure pre-orders (Kill la Kill edition)

Good Smile Company has informed us that they have announced some new Nendoroids and Figures from some popular anime series to be released later this year. The best part about this is that they are releasing it to the Western market.

GSC will start us off in July 2014 with Nendoroid Rin Tohsaka from the Fate/Stay series.

You can pre-order the Nendoroid Rin Tohsaka at

In August 2014, we get 2 Nendoroids from Kill La Kill and a very lovely figure from To Love-Ru Darkness.

Nendoroid Ryuko Matoi

Go check out more information and pre-order Kill La Kill’s main heroine, Ryuko Matoi, in the cute little Nendoroid form here:

Nendoroid Mako Mankanshoku

Now just releasing Ryuko would not be enough, since in the anime she constantly has Mako by her side. Complete the duo of Ryuko and Mako with the Nendoroid Mako by pre-ordering Mako here:

Character Vocal Series 01: Hatsune Miku

A very nice and detailed figure of Hatsune Miku in her sakura colors, which you can find here:

Finally, to follow it all up in October 2014, we get a slightly more mature figure in the form of To Love-Ru Darkness’ sexy; Mea Kurosaki.

And her pre-order information can be found here:

That’s a preview of all what’s to come, and we can expect even more great Nendoroids and Figures from GSC, so go check out those links and pre-order them before they are sold out. These Nendoroids and Figures surely will become great collector’s items and more than likely will become pricier once out in the market, so secure your chance of getting them at a decent price before it’s too late!

Source: Good Smile Company

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