Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #3 (comic)


Dark Horse releases Serenity: Leaves on the Wind Part 3 on March 26th! For Firefly fans, this comic series is your lifeline to a show cancelled way too soon.

Part 3 begins after Serenity. Favorites have been lost, and now Zoe has been captured. River is struggling with the strange visions and the answers that come to her in her dreams, and no one is safe, not even on the Serenity.

Action packed, this edition hooks you and leaves you wanting more. Questions are answered which only leads to more mystery, as our favorite Firefly crew tries to hold everything together after such massive loss.

With a script written by Zack Whedon, and art work by Georges Jeanty (Pencils), Karl Story (Inks), Laura Martin (Colors) and cover art by Dan Dos Santos, Serenity continues. Rivers conflict is vivid and haunting. Fans will need this series to feed the need for Firefly!

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