A Kickstarter to revive one of Southern California’s beloved arcade


Arcades have a special place in my heart. The dim lights, flashing colorful screens, and rows of quarters lined up on the marquee. Despite all the quarters they’ve taken from me, they were some of the fondest times in my childhood. Beating people and trash talking them in public holds so much more weight than the loud mouth 13 years olds on Xbox Live. Over in Southern California, the famous Super Arcade, home of the popular Wednesday Nights Fights and The Runback Twitch.TV streams has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to save its ailing business. Run by owner and veteran Street Fighter player, Mike Watson has taken to crowdfunding in an attempt to revitalize the arcade through a series of renovation, member system, and expanded arcade offerings.

The Kickstarter is looking for $44,000 (At this time over 30k has been fulfilled) to revamp the location and along with some great perks provided, such as exclusive dual-modded sticks and a custom signed marquee.

At one point last year, the arcade was close to being gone forever, however thanks to the arcade community and some connections, Watson was able to keep the arcade afloat. You can read some of his hardships handling the venue on his blog. It’s a hard look at the realities of running an arcade in today’s harsh business landscape.

They’ve become somewhat of a historical landmark in video game culture today, but nothing gets me more pumped then to see Watson determined to revive them for the new age. Even if you can’t donate anything, sharing and letting others know is just as helpful.

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