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It wouldn’t be a bold statement to say that Batman is one of the most popular superheroes in existence. The Caped Crusader has had a popular live-action TV show starring Adam West, many animated shows including the ’90s animated series, and 9 feature-length films. (That’s Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and Batman: The Movie starring Adam West.) The Dark Knight, you can say, has somewhat of an impact on our culture.

With Batman changing a lot of people’s lives and giving many people out there hope, it’s surprising that we haven’t had a film about how Batman has influenced us. That’s where Legends of the Knight comes in. The documentary is by Brett Culp, a filmmaker who started a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Legends of the Knight follows the lives of many different people whose lives have been changed for the better because of Batman. Whether they’re a cop, handicapped or wealthy, we get to see their struggles and how Batman has inspired them to help out others. Sure, they don’t have the crime-fighting tools like Batman, but they use what they have in remarkable ways.

One inspiring story comes from Daniel, a one-legged man that wowed many people with his viral Dance Dance Revolution video. In the video, he is seen wearing a Batman t-shirt and dancing on the dancing arcade machine with just his one leg and crutches. The reason why he wore the Batman shirt was to signify that a regular man can do extraordinary things. He proves this by being able to dance, play basketball and more.

Then there’s Lenny, who is kind of like Batman. He’s a wealthy businessman who spends over $30,000 of his own money to travel across the nation to visit children’s hospitals. He does all this dressed as Batman while riding in his black Lamborghini.

One of my favorite stories in the documentary centers on Michael Uslan, the executive producer of the Batman films. He shares his childhood stories about being the unpopular kid, and how comics were an escape from reality to him. He fought to bring Batman to the big screen for ten years. After experiencing studio after studio rejections, it finally succeeded with Warner Bros. picking up the Tim Burton-directed Batman film.

This documentary might not be for everyone (my colleague thought it was boring and too inspiring), but if you want to see how Batman can bring positivity to the lives of others, then I highly recommend checking this out.

For information on where to watch Legends of the Knight, you can visit http://www.wearebatman.com/showtimes/.

Grade: B+

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