Need for Speed review – Race to De Leon

EA and Dreamworks take the Need for Speed video game franchise to the big screen in hopes to replicate the success of the series on the big screen. The games featured a bit of story, but who really needs a story when you’re racing at about 150 mph in your favorite cars.


Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul) is a small town mechanic with racing skills. He rebuilds and tunes cars with his friends while racing around the town at night. One night during a big race, his old rival, Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper), returns to town and makes an offer to Tobey to fix a very rare and special car, splitting the profits with him once it sells. Everything goes wrong after the two egos clash, and it become more personal than ever. For Tobey to finally find peace, he needs to enter the Race to De Leon, where the winner wins all the cars in the race worth millions.


Watching Need for Speed felt like watching a well done version of Criterion’s 2012’s Need The for Speed: Most Wanted, with some amazing cars and car stunts. The movie featured multiple camera views you would find in the game, police chases and techniques used to stop racers, Burnout style takedowns and even racing tracks from the game. With all the action, the only downfall of the movie was the predictable and lackluster story which made me lose interest until the racing start again. The ending to the movie felt rushed out and left a bad taste in your mouth.


Need for Speed had plenty of racing action with a very predictable flat, confusing story. The actors did what they could with the story. Aaron Paul did seem a little flat and Batman-ish in the movie, but he did all he could with the script. The transition with the racing and the story isn’t smooth, which left me wanting the movie to just be one giant racing movie.

Grade: C+

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