Godzilla 2014: What are the MUTO kaiju?

Rodan GodzillaThis image above has been heavily speculated over the last week or so ever since the first trailer for Godzilla was released. Many believe that this the silhouette of classic Toho kaiju, Rodan. Sadly, an interview with Godzilla director Gareth Edwards reveals that may not be the case.

 When I joined the project it there was already the idea that we would invent a unique creature that he would be up against. We kind of stole….well…I can’t really say too much because this isn’t really out there yet, but they are definitely inspired by and have a lot of affection for the whole range of Toho creatures. We’ve put the phone calls through to Mothra’s agent–see if they are available for the sequel. For this, we wanted to come up with our own creatures for this one.

There’s a lot of loaded information in that paragraph. In general, Gareth is confirming that none of the other Toho creatures will appear in the film, but what is he holding back? There is a rumor going around the net the MUTO may be something more than just some random kaiju from Monster Island.

*Caution Possible Spoilers*

The rumor going around is that the monsters are actually created by MUTO Research and are made from human and kaiju blood. This would explain why there are so many of them and why they all have a similar look and color, but all have uniquely different traits.

MUTO KaijuThe MUTO on the left seems to be the flying kaiju that is featured in the picture above. The Cloverfield-esque MUTO appears to be be the leader or main one that everyone claims to be named “Hukmuto.” That still leaves one more MUTO to be revealed. The eight-legged creature that appears to be the silhouette on the right side of the picture above.

Another note on the MUTO theory, could the MUTO program be what Bryan Cranston’s character is so mad about in the Godzilla trailer? He continually mentions that they are hiding something. In the new international trailer, his character talks about what they are guarding. Covering up a genetic research for creating kaiju would definitely seem like something you would want to expose. This would also explain the film’s connection with viral website, MUTOresearch.net. The website launched just shortly after the first teaser trailer was released.

MUTO KaijuThe site is pretty locked down but there are ways around it. Doing some prodding I was able to get a few interesting responses. Of course, only time will tell if these rumors are true. May 16th couldn’t possibly come any faster.

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