Get your own street-legal Tumbler for $1 million


Ever since appearing in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins film, Batman fans have been salivating over The Tumbler. Sure it’s not the classic Batmobile that we’ve seen in previous iterations like the Tim Burton series or Batman the Animated Series, but it’s still pretty damned cool. Apparently an ad appeared in James Edition (think of it as an Ultra Luxury version of Craigslist) selling a street-legal replica for $1 million.

The seller themselves state: “It is a limited edition of only 5 worldwide! We have built this insane vehicle to be street legal however please understand that this is not a daily driver!” I’m pretty sure whomever bought it knows it’s not a daily driver. I say bought because unfortunately the ad has since been taken down, so it’s only assumed that someone coughed up the $1 million pretty quickly. If I had that kind of change laying around, I would have done the same.

The replica version may not have the awesome weaponry and gadgets that Nolan’s version had, but it does come with its fair share of amenities. First off, there’s a monsters LS1 V-8 engine which is basically what you would find in a Corvette. There’s also 44-inch tires with custom rims, five driver-assist cameras, Bluetooth, CD/DVD player, GPS navigation and iPod/iPhone integration. And yes, it only comes in black with black interior.

I’d have to say even without the bells and whistles, you would definitely still feel like Batman driving around in this baby. Excuse me while I go rob the nearest bank…

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