Review: The Genius DeathTaker, Imperator and GX-Speed White Edition

White peripherals have always been extremely rare in the gaming scene for a few reasons. First and foremost is that they usually won’t match the majority of builds out there. Secondly, they get dirty very easily. As demonstrated with the GX Speed mousepad, a white surface doesn’t stay pristine for too long. Third is that black just looks better in most cases. Black peripherals don’t show dirt or smudges and streamline designs will just seem smoother. Genius has decided that this batch of limited edition peripherals will be getting whitewashed.

While most gamers will prefer the original black versions, those of you out there with white builds or have a love of Assasin’s Creed franchises will be ecstatic for these fine devices.

Genious white 2


Notably the star of this special edition group is the Deathtaker. It is a wonderful mouse for its price range. I’ve honestly been wondering why the price point on this mouse is so low. While I’ve tested countless mice in this range, the Deathtaker has so far taken the lead tremendously. The only thing I’m not entirely happy with on this peripheral is its name. Deathtaker just makes it sound like a poorly translated knockoff.

Genious white 1

Genious white 6

The mouse’s design is where it excels over its competition. While white isn’t my usual choice in pallet, it fits quite nicely with this device. Genius’ emblem is also well placed and honestly brings the scheme together quite nicely. Silver plastic bezels around contour points accent it’s aggressive design quite well together with white. We see just one LED on the mouse wheel, but in reality, that’s all you really need.

Buttons 9 (left, right, middle button with scroll, last /Next page/X dpi/Y dpi/DPI level/Macro)
Port Full SpeedUSB
OS Support Windows Vista/XP x64/ XP/2000
RGB Colors Up to 160K RGBColors
Target Game Category MMORPG / RTS
Light System Scroll wheel/ Logo
Macro 5
Metal 4.5Gx 6
Resolution(dpi) 100-5700 dpi Adjustable
Gaming Mouse YES
Laser Sensor YES

Genious thite 7

Genious white 5

Genious white 8

The Deathtaker’s functions are just what you would expect. All nine buttons click well and do not feel like cheap springs were used in the construction. The overall build quality is quite exceptional for its price range. DPI switching is quick and seamless. The DeathTaker also has an internal weight system which just about doubles the device’s weight. A braided chord along with gold plated USB round off this mouse for a wonderful purchase.

Amazon price: $50.22 with free shipping.

Final Grade: A –

Imperator Pro

Genious white 12

“The Latin word imperator was originally a title roughly equivalent to commander under the Roman Republic” – Wikipedia.

While this keyboard is impressive in design, unfortunately, it isn’t quite up to par with the title of commander. The PC gaming community has seen the light of mechanical keyboards, and slowly but surely the age of membrane is coming to a close.

Genious white 11

Just what you would expect from a “White Edition”? The keyboard is coated in a matte white finish with silver keys. The back-lighting is absolutely 16-million RGB customizable to fit into any environment. The keys are coated in a slick finish which isn’t what I would have liked to see. Reason being is that most gaming keyboards have anti-sweat finishes now which prevent finger slipping the crucial situations.

Interface Port USB
OS Support Windows® 8/7 / Vista/XP
Keyboard – Hot keys 6
Palm Rest YES

Genious white 13

Genious white 14

As for its customization through software, Genious has always been wonderful in allowing users to setup complicated macros simply though key mimics. There are also plenty of macro buttons on the side if you don’t want to give up precious keys to fulfill your automation needs.

Newegg Price: 79.99

Final Grade : C +


genious white 9

How much can be said about a mousepad? Well, there are many reasons as to why white gaming surfaces haven’t been the most optimal in the past, and Genius decided to ignore that for the special white edition. I’ve stated in the past that one of the main flaws of white gaming surfaces always has been and will be staining. The GX-Speed is no exception to this fact. This mousepad will stain quite easily, and unfortunately, even with a thorough wash many of the stains will remain.

While the surface may have not remained as spectral clear as I would have liked, it does its job quite nicely. For those looking to invest in a white mouse-pad, the GX-Speed will absolutely get its worth. Just don’t game with coffee nearby. One fell swoop, and it’s brown for good.

Body Size (LxWxH cm) 24.4 x 6.5 x 6.5
Gift Box Size (LxWxH cm) 32 x 23 x 0.5
Body Weight (g) 187

Genious white 10Final Grade: D

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