Free to Play: The Movie depicts the struggles to becoming a professional gamer in D.O.T.A 2


Valve has just released onto Youtube one of the most heart-wrenching documentaries ever created about the professional gaming scene. Here, we follow Dendi and two other rising stars in the D.O.T.A 2 competitive scene. Personally, this is a touchy subject to me since I genuinely want this to succeed. It’s difficult to only root for one team when so much is at stake for all of these fine individuals and their respected teams. The player that most stood out to me was Fear. Possibly because of national pride or lifestyle similarities, it’s satisfying to see this guy’s career advancing and blossoming.

This documentary has almost bought me to tears at some points. While many would think I’m crazy, it’s just something that hits so close to home. Professional are gamers currently giving up careers at established institutions to follow their dreams. These guys are the true pioneers of the competitive gaming scene. As stated within the film, they struggle with financial issues, social dilemmas, and family pressure as they put every ounce of effort into creating a career in this uncertain space.


I have no doubt that competitive gaming is the future of entertainment sports. As nerd culture spreads and slowly dominates as a mainstream niche, we will continue to see bigger prize pools, sponsorship from major corporations, and a growing fanbase that will change how the world defines a sports, with or without the E, for the rest of history.

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