The Blacklist: Who is Tom Keen?

*Contains spoilers*

blacklist tom keen

After last night’s The Blacklist episode ‘Mako Tinada’, we finally saw Lizzie’s doting schoolteacher husband revealing his true colors – he’s an agent and his target has been Liz the whole time. He had to go dark four months ago because he was attacked by Zamani (the pilot episode), who was sent by Red. He shows Jolene his information wall filled with information on Lizzie and Red. He mentions Guantanamo, which Red has been to.

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When he finds Red’s paid henchman The Cowboy following Jolene, he feels he is going to be compromised, so he kills off Jolene/Lucy and The Cowboy.

So, what do we know about Tom Keen?

  • His cover job is being a 4th grade school teacher.
  • He has a hidden box of passports, cash and a unregistered gun under the floor boards that were taken after he went to the FBI.
  • Red stated that Gina Zanetakos (Episode 6) was his lover, but when Lizzie showed Gina the photo of Tom, she did not recognize him. But Gina also had a photo of Tom by her bed.
  • He was at the same location as the day an FSB agent was assassinated (using the gun he had in his box). Gina Zanetakos took the blame for it.
  • He had nothing to do with the hidden cameras around their home.
  • His secret office is at The 1896.
  • Berlin is having doubts about his work. Tom has not heard from them in two years.
  • He was chosen out of numerous candidates to target Lizzie.
  • He has a vendetta against Red and could had killed him before (he was in the bed next to his – maybe during a mission).
  • He knows Red was sending money to Lizzie through Lizzie’s adopted father.
  • Red is not his mission.
  • He is a ruthless killer who knows how to hide bodies.
  • He doesn’t really need glasses.



I don’t think he works for Fitch (an frienemy of Red), but he does work for a competitor of Red’s. He said he could had taken Red out, which means his company may not have a good association with Red.

Blacklist Tom

I definitely think Gina Zanetakos was his lover and she was protecting him/his mission. They were probably lovers prior to Tom’s assignment to seduce Lizzie. Once he was given the task, he gave his all into his relationship with Lizzie. He proved it by not having an affair with Jolene when she seduced him. Also, Gina contains the same box with the same passports and money as Tom. They probably work for the same agency.

Could Tom really love Lizzie? Well, they did show a scene where he was contemplating whether or not to have the affair. It could be his decision to compromise his mission, but maybe… possibly… he has feelings for Lizzie. I really doubt he does, because he really seems like he’s set on his mission.

What do you think?

We will find out more in the next episode next Monday, “Ivan.”

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