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Originally released on the PlayStation 2, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 are now available on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita as Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster. The Remaster includes both games with improved visuals, enhanced audio, 60 remastered tracks and plenty of new content and bonuses that were originally found only in the Japanese releases. The bonuses include the Eternal Calm cinematic video in HD, a brand new credits & audio drama feature and the ability to transfer your game save between the PlayStation 3 and Vita.


Final Fantasy X was a fun game back in the PS2 era. It was definitely a big departure from the traditional JRPG games Square was known for. While the game still utilized a turn-based battle system, you had seven playable characters that you can switch from in battle, allowing you to pick the best character for the occasion. FF X also featured a unique system known as the “Sphere Grid” which lets you decide how your characters would power up, what skills they could gain and what abilities you wanted them to have.


Final Fantasy X-2 takes place two years after Final Fantasy X. Yuna takes the lead with Rikku and newcomer Paine tagging along. Final Fantasy X-2 uses the Active Time Battle System, meaning you get less time to think as opponents will attack you on the spot. All three characters now use a job class system in battle known as the Dressphere System. It allows the trio to unlock new job/classes by completing certain quests.

Final Fantasy X was a game I enjoyed playing growing up. I even picked up the international version with a Japanese PS2 to play the extra goodies. X-2 was a game I picked up just because I wanted to know what happened to everyone and why Yuna had gone from a very timid character to the complete opposite with her more revealing outfit and guns. Square Enix also introduced Paine, who had nothing to do with the original series and just felt like they needed a filler to fill the third role. It looks like they took Final Fantasy 8‘s Squall Leonheart and modified the character model.


For the full Final Fantasy X and X-2 experience, Square Enix included the cinematic video “Eternal Calm” which bridges the gap between the two games. Once you complete Final Fantasy X-2 and Last Mission, you can also enjoy the brand new bonus credits & audio drama feature which showcases brand new art work and a brand new story to listen to via an audio drama.

One of the most important things of a Final Fantasy game has always been a memorable soundtrack. Final Fantasy X and X-2 do deliver with catchy tunes. Many of the tracks in Final Fantasy X were remastered, while the X-2 soundtrack wasn’t given the same treatment. Both soundtracks were already pretty amazing, even in the original PS2 version.


There are quite a few unforgettable moments in the game that was a big driving force in wanting to play the two games again, for example, the intro to Final Fantasy X, Tidus vs. Jecht, the final battle versus Sin, and the ending for Final Fantasy X. X-2 moments include the opening with “Songstress Yuna,” “1,000 Words” and two of the endings.


Final Fantasy X and X-2 have held up well even after over a decade, giving players who never picked up the title a chance to enjoy the series. For the Final Fantasy veterans, the new additions for the international versions give them some new abilities and missions to enjoy the game even more, like the battle against Dark Aeons in Final Fantasy X, the new dresspheres in X-2 and Last Mission, which is a whole new adventure after completing X-2.

Grade: B+

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