Doctor Who: The 12th Doctor’s ring?


Photos have surfaced from The Daily Mail UK of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in costume and a special ring on his wedding finger. We will not know for sure until BBC announces it or when we watch the series in September, but we are allowed to come up with some theories…

There are a lot of speculation of what it could be… let’s list them:

  • Sonic ring: There are so many types of sonics – screwdriver, lipstick, pen, modulator, lancer, etc. Why not a new type of sonic? It’d be so much easier to sonic things with it already handy!
  • Signet ring: For those “New” Who fans, you may not recognize the signet ring. The First Doctor wore the ring because it could supply power to the TARDIS doors, control a Zarbi, un-jam the TARDIS’s systems, hypnotize people, and protect the Doctor from electrical shocks.
  • Time Ring: Another classic Doctor invention by the Time Lords. It was used by the Fourth Doctor to travel through time.
  • Random ring for the episode: It could be a one episode thing where the Doctor needs to wear this ring for just this episode to save him.
  • Wedding Ring: There have been rumors that Alex Kingston may return as River Song in the series. Moffat has been toying with the thought of River interacting with this Doctor. So, if he does bring her back, the Doctor, despite a new face, is still married to River Song.

What are some of your thoughts? Do you think the ring isn’t a big deal for the character?

Doctor Who season 8 returns in September 2014.

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