Veronica Mars: Team Logan vs Team Piz


With the release of the new film Veronica Mars featuring the love triangle between Piz, Logan and Veronica, we had to ask the question… Team Logan or Team Piz?

Because of the history between Logan and Veronica from the beginning of the show, fans were moved by their love story. Both Veronica and Logan came from troubled and broken pasts. They were each others’ comfort and it just naturally went into place.

logan veronica mars

Jason Dohring (Logan) explained the phenomenon that is LoVe (Logan/Veronica’s shipper name), “I think it’s interesting that despite all his privilege, a lot of people hurt him in his life and she [Veronica] understood him and she saw me and what I was going through. And I knew what she was going through when she was going through a bad relationship with her mother. I don’t know. I just look at her and I just feel it.” Kristen Bell added, “You’re onto something. I think there is something intangible that we’re lucky enough to have together. I think it’s also like wounded birds recognize other wounded birds.” Of course, their love doesn’t last very long. You want them together, but something is always in the way. Whether it’d be Logan’s overprotective nature or Veronica’s mistrust in him, they just couldn’t make it work.

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In comes Stosh “Piz” Piznarski (Chris Lowell), whom we met in season three, and the complete opposite of what Logan was.  Piz comes in as this “nice guy” who wanted to be the good boyfriend and was always there for Veronica! He was stable. He was kind. Someone that Veronica needed in her life. Boy, did the fans revolt againt Piz. Chris jokes about the Veronica Mars fans hating his character to this day. He was the thorn tearing Veronica apart from Logan!

In the new film, we see Veronica dating Piz and living in New York. She has the life – a law degree from Columbia Law, a potential job offer to one of the top law firms in the country and a dotting boyfriend. It all changes when she receives a phone call from Logan Echolls asking her for help.

We spoke to both Chris Lowell and Jason Dohring about their characters and Veronica and asked them the Top 5 Reasons they should be with Veronica.


Top 5 Reasons Piz is better than Logan, as told by Chris Lowell.

  1. Criminally handsome.
  2. Well endowed physically.
  3. Modest.
  4. And I work for “This American Life”.
  5. Hasn’t been accused for murder REPEATEDLY. Kinda a good one. Never’s dated anyone who has been killed.


Top 5 Reasons Logan is better than Piz, as told by Jason Dohring (Jason actually wanted to do it the other way around, “Why Piz is better than Logan”).

  1. The ability to love a little – the highs and the lows. The highs would be better. More in love.
  2. He’s just better looking than Chris.
  3. He could outbench Chris.
  4. He could kick Chris’ ass.
  5. The smolder than burns holes through Chris’ eyes.


While filming and travelling to Comic-Con, Chris and Jason continued to make jokes about their character’s competition for Veronica’s heart. They wore each other’s T-shirt during the convention. It was a ‘bromance’ bound to happen and did.

So, who do you think Veronica should end up with?


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