Manual of Mischief review: Bart Simpson’s guide to pranks and gags

bart-simpson-ftr-1024x640Welcome back, “Reactorteers”(patent pending), for another exciting review. Woohoo! This week we take a look at Bart Simpson’s Manual of Mischief. Being a book that is about pranks and gags, who is better to teach you than Bart Simpson? The book is part of Insight Edition’s The Vault of Simpsonology series, celebrating 25 years of The Simpsons.

Written by long-time Simpsons comic writer and Futurama director, Bill Morrison, reading Manual of Mischief reminded me of when I used to read and collect Bartman comics way back when. Much of the art and illustration are also done by Simpsons alumni. The guide lives in the Simpsons universe and many of its beloved characters appear throughout the book. Being a much older fan now, I have to say that the book seems to be more geared towards kids, but have no fear, many longtime fans can still find much enjoyment in the contents of the pages. For instance, I seriously want to try the “A-DOOR-ABLE PRANK,” so NR writers beware. I think that is one part that makes the book really interesting, since some of them are actually quite practical and can be pulled off in the real world.

sThe book features many different segments, from “Surefire Ways To Stir Up Trouble With Just A Few Words” to “How  I Also Like That The Pages Inside The Book Fold Out To Reveal More Content Inside.” There is no shortage of material that will help you mess with your friends and loved ones. Out of the entire book I have to say my favorite part was a small collection of comic strips that feature Bart doing his infamous prank calls to Moe’s Tavern. Reading the strip made me want to find my old white box and dig through my Bartman comics.

Much of the book has interactive pages that can fold out or open up to reveal more content inside. There are also hidden compartments that contain prankster trading cards, a poster and temporary tattoos. It is a fun book to read, but it generally felt like it would be more fun for kids or maybe more fun to read with your kids. In the end, fans of any age can find something to love in the book.

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