The future is now: German pole-dancing robots

pole-dancing-robotsSomebody give me a dollar or a microchip or something? Do you think they also take SDD cards?

There is just no limits to the wonders that science can create is there? If you happened to be in Hanover, Germany, last Sunday then you might have seen quite a show. For one night only, these seductive fembots danced their bots off for a crowd of very confused German men. The pole-dancing robots were programmed and design by extremely lonely Giles Walker. By the off chance you’d like to rent out the robots, expect to pay $40,000. Talk about money well spent.

To make things even more interesting, British Prime Minister Davide Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were in attendance at the show. I can already see the headlines, “High profiled politician caught in bed with pole-dancing sexbot.”

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