Yoshi’s New Island recieves an eggceptional reception to the 3DS


Who doesn’t love Yoshi? I mean, really, how many times has Yoshi gotten Mario out of the worst possible circumstances. Let’s face it, without this adorable reptile companion, the franchise just wouldn’t be the same. We were glad to see such a warm reception for our favorite leaping, speedy, green friend.

Yoshi’s New Island releases on March 14 for North America and Europe, while Japan will have to wait for the summertime. As Vanilla Strawberry lemonade filled my stomach, followed closely by mini-sliders, my appreciation for this franchise grew. Don’t get my wrong, I can’t be bought with simple finger foods (not that I don’t enjoy them ravenously). What Nintendo has done for the gaming industry can be simplified to the recruitment of a younger generation. While hardcore gamers and Yoshi fanatics can spend hours obtaining collectables, the youngins enjoy the game’s natural simplicity.




Yoshi 2

Yoshi 1

With the help of some abstract art, and a room full of kids strapping monthly salaries that make mine seem like bubble-gum pocket change, young and old came together to enjoy a game filled with characters we can all love. It was all very Nintend-esque.

I love sparkles.

Also, this kid really loved glitter.

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