This might be the one (smart) Ring to rule them all

smart ring logbar

The latest in wearable tech comes to us like a magic wand for your finger.

Almost tripled its original crowdfunding goal (at the time of this writing), Japan-based tech company Logbar placed its smart ring on Kickstarter, after a year of presentations, including a recent showcase at SXSW in Austin this past week.

With this ring, you can send a text, pay via mobile, turn on other devices and much more all with simply gesturing your finger, as if you were writing it in air. It comes with built-in gesture commands you can learn, and according to the press kit, you’ll be able to program some of your own commands as well.

Aside from the idea that we might develop arthritis in the finger at a much earlier age, this new tech seems pretty cool. Personally, I’d love to have tech that would just simply understand what you want to do (looks like that technology is already under way), or even just have voice-recognition technology actually work.

smart ring pay someone

If you want this smart ring at a pretty low price of $145 to rule over your devices and life, then you should make like a hobbit and hurry on over to their Kickstarter page to get your hands on one. Some of their tiers have already sold out, so you should pledge immediately.

From Google Glass to the Pebble watch and even smart underwear, it’s clear that wearable tech is a big focus in 2014. Now, we only wonder if the Harry Potter reboot will have rings instead of wands?

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