Ten reasons to see L.A. Opera’s ‘Lucia di Lammermoor’

This dark romantic tale of family honor, betrayal and madness has return to the Los Angeles Opera house for the first time in over a decade. Lucia di Lammermoor is such a beautiful masterpiece. Your ears and eyes will be thanking you later.

Need more reasons to see it? Here are TEN!

1. Sir Walter Scott


The main character, Lucia, is based on Sir Walter Scott’s The Bride of Lammermoor. That’s right, the writer of Rob Roy and Ivanhoe. Kilts and accents! Oh my!


Albina Shagimuratova as Lucia. (Photo: Robert Millard)

Albina Shagimuratova as Lucia. (Photo: Robert Millard)

No, not the workout video! Like a romantic Leonardo DiCaprio film, where love drives you to the point of insanity, Lucia’s major theme is that love can drive you insane. After all, Love is Madness!

3. Costumes to Inspire any Steam Punker or Cosplayers

A scene from "Lucia di Lammermoor." (Photo: Robert Millard)
A scene from “Lucia di Lammermoor.” (Photo: Robert Millard)

This rendition of Lucia, which starts March 15th at the Dorthy Chandler Pavilion, takes place at the turn of the century. Where capes and bustles reigned and women were still struggling for the rights we take for granted today.

4. Glass Harmonica


Invented by Benjamin Franklin and outlawed long ago because it was believed to cause madness, the Glass Harmonica will be played, and now you can too! Written originally for the Glass Harmonica, it will finally be played during this production the way it was intended!

5. Dorthy Chandler Echo Dome


Oh, the fun it is to be under this beauty!

6. A reason to dress up!

Photo from Gallery No Eight http://www.gallerynoeight.com/2013/05/lets-get-dressy.html

Photo from Gallery No Eight

As if you needed a reason! But sometimes, it’s great to have an excuse to get gussy’d.

7. Cheap Date


I know you all thought opera was expensive, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Tickets are as low as $18!

8. Culture


Nothing says I’m cultured like I went to the opera. If it’s good enough for the Crane Brothers, it’s good enough for you!

9. If you like Star-crossed Lovers

Like Romeo and Juliet times ten, this epic Opera covers another ill-fated love!

romeo and juliet

10. Music


For all the music fans out there, come listen to an orchestra play with live instruments! The sound is hauntingly beautiful, and must be heard.

For more information on Lucia di Lammermoor, visit the LA Opera hereLucia di Lammermoor opens March 15th ! To get tickets head over to laopera.org.

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