Ray William Johnson says goodbye to Equals Three

The New Equals ThreeAfter nearly 400 episodes, Ray William Johnson is saying goodbye to the show that launched his career. The announcement was made last month that Ray would no longer host the YouTube show that started in his dorm room almost five years ago. I guess you can say it all started around fall of last year, when Ray had begun to work on many other projects outside Equals Three.

Ray announced he pitched an idea for a TV series which ultimately got picked up for a pilot. He also would go on to produce the web-series Riley Rewind with girlfriend Anna Akana, and he even wrote a graphic novel, which has now been picked up by a publisher and will be coming out later this year. To say the least, Ray finally outgrew Equals Three.

Rather than try to force something he no longer had his heart into, Ray elected to walk away. In his finale video, Ray pieces together some of his favorite Equals Three moments and sends a special thanks to all the fans who have watched him, and the people that helped put the show together over the years.

Hold on, kids. The show’s not over yet! During the video Ray made a stunning announcement that even though he is leaving the show, Equals Three will continue. Seeing as the show is monthly one of the top most-viewed series on YouTube, it would seem like a waste to just shut it down. So Ray plans to put the show on a two-month hiatus where he will look for a new host for the show and a new team of writers. No word yet if you will be able to just openly submit your audition tapes, but I’m sure we will hear how they plan to handle all that in the following weeks.

It’s sad to see Ray leave what he started, but I’m glad to see where his career is going and I look forward to what comes from him next.

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